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Winters’ PEM now available with vibration dampening solution

The PEM-ZR Economy StabiliZR gauge is now available from Winters. The StabiliZR version of the PEM economy gauges is available in 1.5" (40mm) to 4" (100mm) dial sizes, bottom and back connections from 1/8" to 1/4" NPT and ranges from vacuum to 5,000 psi/kPa. PEM-ZR is a general purpose gauge for plumbing, hydraulic and other applications where pulsation and vibration are present.

Differential gauge suitable for all air and non-corrosive gas installations

The new Winters PFD WinAIR Differential Gauge is suitable for all air and non-corrosive gas installations. PFD can measure differential pressure in one of four units of measurement ("H2O, mmH2O, PSI or PA). The gauge has an industrial grade die-cast aluminum case and an o-ring seal that provide extreme temperature tolerance. The lens comes standard with an easily accessible zero-adjustment screw and is available with an optional setpoint indicator. 1/8" high & low pressure taps are available on the side and back of the gauge which allow the gauge to be mounted in multiple ways based on the application. The gauge can be mounted using the three mounting flush adapters with screws or with other optional mounting accessories offered by Winters.

Safety Case Gauge

Winters Instruments’ Safety Case Gauge is designed to be used where safety is a major concern. With a solid front and blowout back, this gauge features a one percent ANSI/ASME Grade 1A accuracy, full rotary movement and a micrometer pointer for easy calibration. The 4.5-inch dial makes it easy to read even from a distance.

Forged brass case gauge

Winters Instruments’ Forged Brass Case Gauge is designed for heavy-duty use in hydraulics and industrial fluid power applications, where durability and vibration protection is needed.

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