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WEG Electric Introduces its Newest Line of Open Induction Motors – W40!

WEG Electric is releasing its newest line of open three phase induction motors, available with standard frame sizes from NEMA 254T to L6808/09. Key features of these newly designed motors are their competitive cost, highly efficient cooling and lightweight and compact construction. In most applications a least one frame size smaller can be specified over a TEFC motor. In addition, for applications where the elements are a factor the W40 can be specified with WPI or WPII levels of environmental protection depending on the frame size.

Billions of dollars in energy could be lost annually due to poor motor sizing

Energy efficiency losses through over-sizing of pump electric motors by engineers are commonplace and, if the motor specification far exceeds the application, it could be costing industry billions of dollars in wasted energy. “Industry figures suggest that around 80 percent of pump motors could be the incorrect size,” commented Andrew Glover, product manager of WEG Motors. “The majority are over speci-fied by as much as 10 or 15 percent by engineers wanting to be ‘on the safe side.’ As pumps typically account for around 30 percent of an industrial country’s energy usage, this represents a serious loss of energy.” “This takes no account for the extra cost of a larger motor with all the associated equipment, drives, cabling etc.,” continued Glover. “Electric motor manufacturers are forever striving to increase energy efficiency by one or two percentage points, but incorrect specification by an application engineer can mean that is wasted effort.” “Where a single percentage point increase in energy efficiency can save the equivalent of the purchase price of an electric motor over its design life, it seems ludicrous to waste energy through poor specification.” Under-sizing is also relatively common and should not be ignored. An electric motor can operate above its rated output thus allowing for temporary overloads. However, such a motor will run hotter as a result and overheating will cause damage and/or shorten its useful life. Two points where this can directly affect the motor life are the bearings, which influence the motor reliability, and the coil insulation. Overheating degrades the insulation more rapidly and encourages discharges which further degrade the insulation, thus shortening the motor’s life.

Powerful soft starter

The WEG SSW07 soft starters are designed for advanced energy-efficient induction motor operation. They cover a wide power range, 17A to 200A (200V to 575V three-phase, AC) and are available in three compact models.

New line of energy efficient motors and drives

WEG Electric Motors Corp. recently launched a range of new energy efficient motors and drives, including the new W22 (available for the U.S. market in 2010). Energy efficiency and lower lifetime costs have been developed by WEG in its new W22 platform three-phase induction range. Other innovative improvements, supported by patent and registered design applications, deliver lower noise and vibration, even better reliability with a longer working life, and easier maintenance.