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Wired CX and Wireless CXT Gas Detectors Receive ATEX Approval

Detcon, an IST company, is pleased to announce that its wired CX and wireless CXT Series gas detectors have received ATEX Approval for Zone 1, potentially explosive atmospheres. Model CX and CXT detectors are available in two sensor technologies; infrared (IR) for monitoring combustible hydrocarbons, and electrochemical (DM) for monitoring toxic gases and oxygen.

CXT wireless gas detection sensors – ideal for mobile applications

Detcon’s rugged new CXT-Series wireless gas detection sensors are designed for use in heavy industrial environments and especially suitable for mobile applications. These “environmentally bulletproof” field devices include fully encapsulated sensor electronics housed in a stainless steel enclosure, thereby eliminating potential damage that may be caused from water ingress and vibration. The CXT is equipped with one of two sensor technologies – electrochemical to monitor toxic gases and oxygen, and infrared for combustible hydrocarbons. Power is supplied by a rechargeable Smart Battery Pack or disposable battery options. When powered by the Smart Battery Pack, infrared sensors can work continuously for more than six months, and indefinitely with accompanying solar panels.

Portable multi-gas detector

Industrial Safety Technologies, owner of Detcon and GMI, recently introduced the new PS200 portable multi-gas detector. The PS200 monitors and displays up to four hazardous gas conditions simultaneously. Both lightweight and durable, it uses catalytic bead sensor technology to monitor and detect a wide range of combustible gases, and electrochemical sensor technology to monitor and detect carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen deficiency.

Gas detection alarm and control system

Detcon Model 1640 is a newly designed gas detection alarm and control system that utilizes a microprocessor based control card to supervise and display the condition of virtually any type of field mounted gas detection sensor with either a 4-20mA or serial RS-485 output. Detcon Model 1640 can monitor up to 16 field devices using RS-485 Serial communications and/or 4-20mA DC analog devices via Detcon Model DA-4 Addressable I/O Cards (four inputs per card). A back-lit alphanumeric display provides indication of gas type and current reading in normal operation and is used to provide simple menu driven operator interface during system programming. Sensor types for the user-programmable control system include combustible gas, oxygen deficiency and more than 40 toxic compounds. Detcon Model 1640 is available in a NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure or NEMA 7 explosion proof.

Continuous gas measurements

Detcon’s new High Range Model 1000-H2S Process Analyzer is designed to provide continuous, accurate real-time measurement of hydrogen sulphide gas concentrations in a wide variety of gas streams. With new technology and design, the High Range Process Analyzer has a measurement range of 0-1,000 ppm with up to two percent standard and up to five percent with additional high range applications packaging.

Detcon gas sensors offer new technology

Detcon Model Series 700 sensors are a new generation of intelligent gas detection devices that incorporate several cutting edge improvements. Dubbed as “environmentally bulletproof” these advanced sensors virtually eliminate probability-of-failure factors such as water ingress, corrosion, vibration damage, transient spikes and circuit impairment. Detcon Model Series 700 sensors are available utilizing most commercially active technologies including CHEMFET solid state MOS for H2S, catalytic and infrared for combustible gas, electrochemical cells for a wide range of toxic compounds, two electrode air battery sensors for oxygen deficiency, and a sub-miniature PID for various volatile organic compounds.

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