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DSM Dyneema

Address 476 Li Bing Road, Zhang Jiang, Shanghai, 201203, CN
Phone +86 (21)61 41 80 58
Website dyneema.com

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Polyethylene fibre offers maximum strength and minimum weight

Dyneema, an ultra strong polyethylene fibre, brings many benefits to the offshore industry. DSM Dyneema’s offers solutions for offshore ropes bringing benefits to industries including the seismic, oil exploration, drilling and production and installation/pipe laying, and their respective markets. Offshore ropes made with Dyneema deliver high performance and durability under extreme conditions as well as offering easy transport, handling and quick installations. Because Dyneema fibre is much stronger than steel, lines can be made equally strong at similar diameter, with only 1/7th of the weight of steel. Some current applications that benefit from Dyneema fibre include MODU mooring systems with inserts of Dyneema for pipeline or sub sea equipment crossings – taking into account that more and more sea bottoms are becoming cramped with sub sea systems. Furthermore, lifting with slings made from Dyneema offers great benefit in use, even with slings in excess of 1,000 tons break load, especially during sub sea installations where Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV – small underwater robots) are involved. Another example is installation rope made from Dyneema for ultra deep waters at upcoming Shell Perdido spar, which is ideal for installation of sub sea equipment at 8,000 feet water depth where the high strength neutrally buoyant rope with Dyneema ensures equal lifting capacity at every depth.