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Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise

Address 537 Cajundome Boulevard, Suite 209, Lafayette, LA, 70506, US
Phone 337-735-LITE
Fax 337-232-0922
Website lite3d.com

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Visualization technology

The Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE) and Global Industries partnered earlier this month to share LITE visualization technology and high-performance computing capabilities with oil and gas industry leaders at OTC. tough to line up precise“Oil and gas companies come to LITE to manipulate multi-gigabyte data sets to plan, minimize risk, reduce cost, increase safety and visualize geoscience uncertainties. Our technologies are applicable for land, near shore or the new frontiers of deep water drilling and are used in reservoir management, quality quickcontrol, simulations, forecasting, repairs and maintenance, optimizing recovery rates and more,” said Marty Altman, LITE’s technical director. “Using visualization technologies, company leadership can make decisions that reduce risks and save costs while still in the early stages of a project. New uses for this technology are emerging all the time. Using 3-D visualization for real-time control of underwater remote vehicles is a good example.”