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Heavy oil processing

Traditionally, heavy oil has been treated with high temperatures and emulsion breaking chemicals in complex production facilities in large tank systems. These systems are sometimes challenged by difficult emulsions and crude in the 11-14 API range. With the advent of the Alfa Laval X20, oil producers now have an additional tool to assist them in the processing of heavy oil. The X20 has been designed to work with these difficult crudes in both onshore and offshore applications and gives operators the advantages of: high throughput, up to 20,000 bbls/day; compact footprint, approximately 100 square feet/ X20 system; low weight; good interface control with patented Optiphaser system; and a robust oilfield design.

Cost- and energy-efficient dehydration of unconventional oil using disc-stack centrifuges

Unconventional oil, such as heavy crude oil and bitumen, presents a number of challenges associated with processing and dehydration before upgrading and refining into final products. High density and viscosity, stable emulsions, and the presence of high solids content are all factors that make dehydration a challenging task by adversely affecting separability.


The Alfa Laval decanter centrifuge is a key component in a top-quality solids control process. This efficiently removes most of the fine particles that traditional solids control equipment cannot catch. Built for heavy-duty jobs, the Alfa Laval decanter handles large amounts of feed solids as well as being able to cope with abrasive and coarse particles. The Alfa Laval drilling fluids decanter is available with a range of modules suited for every decanter job on a drilling rig. These range from fully automated modules to simple “hands-on” modules, providing effective solutions to your solids control separation problems.


The Alfa Laval X20 centrifuge is a purpose-built, high-capacity process centrifuge. The design is an evolutionary development of the highly reliable Alfa Laval nozzle bowl disc stack centrifuge, which has been used for synthetic crude oil dehydration in Canada since 1978.