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Reliable boiler alarm switches warn if water high or low

Clark-Reliance Corporation has announced a new family of level switches for boiler and tank applications. The new Reliance Levalarm Gold level switches provide the ultimate in secure, reliable operation for critical high or low water alarms or for fuel cutouts. The switches' design represents a major step forward in reliability, employing a positive interlocking magnet operation proven for over 28 years in Clark-Reliance's Jerguson level switches. The switches' repelling magnet design allows them to be completely unaffected by heat, vibration, or loss of electrical power, a first for float-type switches for this application.

Drum Level Instrument Assembly

This combination Drum Level Instrument Assembly enables local and remote monitoring of users’ boiler drum level. LevelMax utilizes the Electro Eye-Hye System (Remote Drum Level Indicator) with a water gauge glass attached for direct viewing of the drum level. The Electro Eye-Hye System, the hub of the assembly, is available in 450, 1,000, 1,800, and 3,000 psig.