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Doubled storage capacity improves network video recorders

IndigoVision has added 2TB disks to its NVR-AS 3000 range of ‘Plug & Go’ Linux Network Video Recorders. This doubles storage capacity without increasing physical footprint, power consumption or associated environmental control equipment.

Remote monitoring technology

Ideal for oil and gas companies needing to remotely monitor high-tech facilities and equipment, IndigoVision’s complete IP video security technology allows stations to be centrally monitored from a single control room using specialized software. This extensive security surveillance is achieved through the use of a  hybrid IP network consisting of satellite, fibre optic and wireless links. Indigo’s technology also uses a unique framerate control, so that when there is no motion detected at a given site, it reduces the amount of bandwidth needed.   

IP video keeps watch over remote gas facilities in Amazon rainforest

A major oil and gas company based in Brazil is using IndigoVision’s complete IP video security technology to remotely monitor high-tech automated gas facilities in the Amazon rainforest. According to the company, their 12 compounds, many of which are unmanned, contain millions of dollars of process automation, telemetry and telecom equipment, and are spread across many thousands of miles of forest. All the stations are centrally monitored from a control room in Rio de Janeiro using Control Center, IndigoVision’s Security Management software.  

World’s largest wide-area IP-CCTV system

IndigoVision’s complete integrated IP Video security solution is being used to monitor a LNG plant and 500 mile gas pipeline as part of the Sakhalin-2 project in Eastern Russia. The company believes the 600+ camera system is the world’s largest wide-area CCTV project and demonstrates that IndigoVision’s technology is being deployed in the most demanding surveillance applications. The success of this project also coincides with IndigoVision’s continued expansion in Europe, with the company now having a strong local presence from Brussels to Siberia. As part of their expansion plans Indigo-Vision’s European sales and support team has grown over the last year to 23 people. The company uses a network of approved partners to install their systems and has developed relationships with a number of important new European system integrators, such as G4S. “The Sakhalin-2 project is not only a vote of confidence in our technology, but also in the European team that’s been behind it,” said Oliver Vellacott, Indi-goVision’s CEO. “In order to build on the success of this project and maintain the company’s growth we will continue to invest and support our European Partners.” (Image courtesy of Sakhalin Energy)