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Combustible gas sniffer offers tri-mode detection

The Micro CG-100 combustible gas sniffer quickly and accurately detects gas leakage. Offering unique Tri-Mode Detection, an op- erator is alerted to the presence of combustible gas with a visible signal, audible alarm or silent vibration.

Threading machine makes clean, high-quality threads

The new lightweight RIDGID Model 1210 oil-less threading machine for half-inch to one-inch-diameter pipe allows clean, high-quality threads at the installation site without making a mess. By combining RIDGID oil-less gold-dies and a specially formulated RIDGID coolant, the Model 1210 threads without oil and produces clean, virtually dry threads ready for immediate installation. This clean operation allows threading right at the installation site, including in finished rooms, basements and on rooftops.Work-ing in conjunction with the coolant, the RIDGID oil-less gold dies combine special geometry and a titanium nitride coating to produce superior quality threads.The oil-less coolant is also formulated to provide longer die life.