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Alternative to aerial oil spill surveillance available

Elastec/American Marine is always on the hunt for new technologies to improve oil spill response operations. In the search for an alternative to traditional aerial surveillance, Donnie Wilson, CEO of Elastec/American Marine, discovered OceanEye in Norway.

Oil, debris skimming boats

Elastec/American Marine (USA) has delivered two custom oil and debris skimming boats manufactured in Europe to a major client in Asia. The 10 m (32-foot) craft is capable of collecting, storing and transporting recovered oil and debris.

Elastec drum skimmers mobilized in South American spill

Ecuador’s second largest oil pipeline ruptured in February polluting large areas of the Santa Rosa River in the lush Amazon jungle. The rupture shut down the flow of crude to a Pacific port in the city of Esmeraldas. The OCP pipeline pumps around 130,000 barrels of heavy crude per day. A wide range of response equipment was put into operation including Elastec drum skimmers. Access to the spill site is very difficult through dense jungle terrain – most of the equipment had to be hand carried. Responders appreciated the lightweight design of the Elastec drum skimmer. The open channels inside the skimmer allow the operator to easily remove any entrained debris. These skimmers are able to pick up a wide range of oils as the oil adheres to the specially constructed rotating drums. This oil is wiped off the drum on a continuous basis and collected in the sump. Tests have proven these skimmers are typically 98 percent efficient.