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Fibreglass underground and aboveground storage tanks

ZCL’s core business is the manufacture and distribution of fibreglass underground and aboveground storage tanks and related products across Canada and the U.S. ZCL has led the way in innovative fibreglass tank technology, from the ULC-listed single wall storage tank in 1988, to the development and introduction of the first fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) double wall tank manufactured in Canada. The same proven technology and processes are used in ZCL’s secondary containment and tank lining systems. ZCL’s fibreglass tanks adapt very easily to a variety of applications and are compatible with gasoline, gasohol, diesel fuels, oils, aviation fuels, alcohol-blended fuels, waste oil, fire protection water, waste and potable water and a variety of chemicals.


ZCL oilfield services double-wall fibreglass storage tanks fulfill all the requirements of safe secondary containment of underground and above ground storage of produced water, brine, flare and stack waste and non-hazardous chemicals.