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Wireless device protects waters from oil rig contamination

Voda has developed a small, submersible mass spectrometer, designed to detect pollution from offshore drilling. The Manta underwater ion-trap mass spectrometer was developed at the University of South Florida. Self-contained and autonomous, this tool can sit in open water, be deployed in open air or be transported through a site to continuously sniff for whatever set of chemicals or compounds are of interest. The Manta sends real-time results wirelessly to investigators’ computers. “We’re really excited to have a working product, not a model or mere design,” said David Fries, CEO of Voda and patent holder for the Manta. “And we’re delivering the product for testing in the offshore oil-drilling environment to help those facilities process water cleanly.” Voda has sold two units to the St. Petersburg Environmental Research Center, a for-profit technology company in Florida. Fries will soon demonstrate the Manta for Canadian environmental officials and later for the offshore oil industry in Canada.