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KSB Pumps Inc. (Canada)

Address 5205 Tomken Road, Mississauga, ON, L4W 3N8, CA
Phone 905-568-3740
Email [email protected]
Website ksb.ca

KSB Pumps Inc. is the Canadian subsidiary of KSB Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps, valves and systems. Established in 1871, KSB’s has 14,000 employees and manufacturing around the globe. The portfolio includes pump solutions (i.e. centrifugal, multistage, boiler feed, heat transfer, chemical, submersible) for power plants, water and wastewater facilities and industrial processes.

KSB pumps and mixers can be found in many municipal and industrial installations across Canada. One of the most spectacular applications includes the world's deepest submersible pumping station at an Ontario treatment facility. For decades, many of Canada’s pulp and paper mills rely on the every-day-performance by low-maintenance boiler feed pumps from KSB. Among the latest Canadian success stories are rugged pumps used in Alberta’s giant oilsands that will provide the energy-hungry world with fuel for decades to come.

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High-temperature pumps improved with high flow capacities

KSB's Etanorm SYT pumps have been a mainstay of process industries that need to handle high-temperature water or thermal oil. Capable of dealing with fluid temperatures as high as 350°C, these rugged, reliable pumps are available with flow capacities of up to 1,800 m3/h and heads as high as 102 m.

Over the past two years, KSB has introduced a number of upgrades designed to reduce maintenance requirements and extend the service life of these dependable workhorses. These include:
  • New shaft seal rings that provide bearings with more protection from hot thermal fluids passing through the pump.
  • New deep-groove bearings with extra axial clearance to reduce bearing temperature. Bearing grease has been upgraded for improved resistance to dilution from synthetic thermal oils
  • Vibration-proof Nord-Lock washers for the impeller nut.
  • New upgraded mechanical seals for improved reliability and easier installation.
  • Built-in leak detection to provide early warning of incipient seal failure 

KSB adds high-pressure pumps to line, names new Service Manager

KSB has added a new large-size member to its CHTR series of high-pressure pumps for petroleum industry applications. Members of the CHTR family are designed to be fully compliant with the American Petroleum Institute's API 610 standard for barrel pumps (Type BB5) and are ideal for refineries, petrochemical facilities, boiler feedwater or SAG-D applications. The new model pumps provide capacities of up to 1450 m3/h and heads as high as 2500 m (greater by special request). 

Higher capacity pump models added to line

KSB's Multitec series of high-pressure multi-stage pumps has been expanded with the introduction of two new higher capacity models. The new Multitec 200 and 250 models have discharge flange diameters of 200 mm and 250 mm (up from a maximum of 150 mm for previously available models) and can deliver flow rates of up to 1,500 cubic metres per hour and developed heads as high as 400 m. These pumps are specifically designed for water supply applications where high pressures are needed to move water - including drinking water - over extended distances. Like the smaller members of the Multitec family, the new pumps are designed to provide owners with reliable, efficient operations and simplified maintenance procedures. A pressure balance drum reduces axial forces on bearings, while the layout of the pump enables bearing and seal replacement without requiring disassembly of the core hydraulic elements.

App aids in pump performance analysis

KSB has announced the release of an exciting new app for smartphones and tablets that can estimate the operating efficiency of your pump, indicating if there is any room for improvement.

KSB B-Pumps: Rugged and versatile borehole pumps for deep well water recovery

KSB’s B-Pumps are designed to extract water from deep wells or boreholes. These products, which are also known as Deep Well Turbine or DWT pumps, have their intake and impellers located at the lower end of a long vertical tube and discharge nozzle positioned at the top. The motor is mounted on a pedestal that sits above the tube where it is dry and readily accessible for service. Because of their modular design, the length of the assembly can be varied by changing the number of tube and drive shaft stages, up to a maximum suspended depth of 120 metres. The type of impellers and the number of impeller stages can also be customized to meet an application’s head and flow requirements

Versatile, Efficient In-Line Pumps from KSB

Etaline R pumps from KSB combine the reliable, low-maintenance features of the company’s Eta family of single-stage centrifugal pumps with an inline design that makes these models ideal for pressure boosting duties in HVAC systems, cooling circuits, water supply and industrial heat recovery systems.

KSB Launches New Atlantic Canada Office

KSB Pumps Inc. has opened a sales and engineering office for Atlantic Canada. The company’s new regional sales manager for this area is Kandy Mitton, a pump professional with in-depth experience in the sales and service of pumps for municipal and industrial markets. Based in Sussex, New Brunswick, Mitton will be focussed on helping pump users in industry, municipal water/wastewater management and the oil sector make use of KSB’s world leading pump technology and service capabilities.

KSB Extends Range of Etabloc Series Pumps

KSB’s popular Etabloc family of pumps has acquired new members, including a new model rated for use with motors of up to 110 kW. Etabloc close-coupled single-stage centrifugal pumps feature high-efficiency hydraulics for reduced operating costs and an extremely compact design that makes them easy to fit into tight situations. They are well-adapted for use in a wide range of applications, including irrigation, drainage and water supply systems, cooling water supply, HVAC systems and fire-fighting equipment. With appropriate material choices, they can be used to pump anything from drinking water to seawater, brackish water, oil or cleaning agents.

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KSB Pumps Teams Up With Canadian Bearings

KSB Pumps Inc. has announced a new sales and distribution partnership with Canadian Bearings, a Mississauga-based supplier of industrial systems and products. Canadian Bearings will be an additional sales channel for KSB products, especially the “Movitec”, “Eta”, and “Amarex N” series pumps in addition to KSB’s pump service capabilities.