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Ocean Optics Inc.

Address 830 Douglas Ave., Dunedin, FL, 34698, US
Phone 727.733.2447
Fax 727.733.3962
Email [email protected]
Website oceanoptics.com

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Optical sensing device simplifies sampling

A modular optical sensing platform easily integrates multi-point spectral sampling and reference monitoring into process streams and other sample environments. Jaz is a family of stackable, modular and autonomous components that share common electronics and communications. At its heart is a miniature CCD-array spectrometer, available with user-selected grating and slit options optimized for a variety of application needs, in a design that accommodates up to eight spectrometer channels. Each Jaz stack includes a powerful microprocessor and display, so that full spectral data can be acquired, processed and stored onboard the unit – without the need for a PC. Spectral data also can be transferred to a laptop or desktop PC for additional post-acquisition processing, such as displaying x-axis values in wav-enumbers or nanometers or combining data from multiple spectrometer channels in a single graph.