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Hougen Manufacturing

Address 3001 Hougen Drive, Swartz Creek, MN, 48473, US
Phone 800-426-7818
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Makers of Portable Magnetic Drills, Rotabroach Annular Cutters, Electro-Hydraulic hole Punchers, and Fabrication Tools.

Hougen Manufacturing produces a full line of portable magnetic drills, Rotabroach annular cutters, portable Electro-hydraulic hole punchers and other holemaking products for use in fabrication, production and maintenance applications. Hougen‘s products are for use onsite or in the shop to help make holes easier, faster, and safer.

HMD 150 Magnetic Drill
HMD 904S Magnetic Drill
HMD 914S Magnetic Drill

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Battery-powered portable hole puncher

The battery-powered Hougen-Ogura Punch-Pro Electro-hydraulic portable hole puncher, 76000PR model, can be easily operated onsite where electric power may not be available or high up on a manlift where power is not readily accessible. Although it is battery powered, it generates 11 tons punching force and can punch round or oblong holes up to 19/32-inch diameter in 1/4-inch mild steel in 4.5 seconds. The unit’s throat depth is .98 inches and it can punch flat bar or angle iron.

High performance magnetic drill

The HMD905 portable magnetic drill offers a major performance improvement to the mid-range line of Hougen magnetic drills. The HMD905 fills the gap with great power to weight ratio by giving steel fabricators more strength and torque while still maintaining the small lightweight footprint.

New Hole Puncher With Power Reverse Punch Feature Increases Productivity

Hougen Manufacturing, inventor of the mag drill annular cutter and leading manufacturer for magnetic drills has added a new electro-hydraulic hole puncher to their lineup of hole punching machines. The new Hougen-Ogura model 75006PR features a lightweight single body construction allowing the operator to punch holes in steel in as little as 4 seconds. The new “Power Retractable” Punch system provides the user the option to power reverse the punch back out of hole if needed. This improves productivity in harder, more elastic materials which tend to grip the punch (not allowing it to auto return to the home position) after the hole is produced.

Rotabroach tap-sized annular cutter kit

Hougen Manufacturing has added a cutter kit with five “tap drill” Rotabroach “12,000-Series” Annular Cutters to its series of kits. The diameters of the two-inch D.O.C. tap drill cutters were selected to accommodate the most widely used taps in the oil and gas industry. Diameters include 7/16-inch for 1/2-13 threads, 17/32-inch for 5/8-11 tapping, 21/32-inch for 3/4-10 sizes, 25/32-inch for 7/8-9 threads and 7/8-inch for 1-8 threads.   

Swivel-base portable drill

Hougen Manufacturing is incoporating its patented swivel-base, drill-to-magnet coupling design to the model HMD925S (S-designates swivel base) power feed model drill that features heavy-duty hole making capability. The unit’s base coupling creates both a pivot axis for up to a 1-1/8 inch arc of side to side motion and a straightline axis of up to 1-3/8 inch of front to back movement. These additional axes allow operators to fine tune the drill position and precisely locate hole centre points after the magnetic base has been engaged. Final adjustments are easily made, even when drilling in horizontal or upside down positions.

Holemaking tools and accessories

Hougen Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures and markets a variety of holemaking tools and accessories for the metal fabrication, construction and oil country markets. The company operates all under one roof in a 50,000 square foot facility housing engineering, R&D, sales and marketing, administration and manufacturing. Hougen sells its products through distributors throughout North America and licenses many of its products for sale worldwide.


Hougen Manufacturing will present two advanced drilling technologies at the Global Petroleum Show, Booth #5016 — portable equipment ideal for faster holemaking in the fabrication shop or remote field sites… for repairs, installations and erection projects.

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