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Morgan Technical Ceramics

Address 580 Monastery Drive, Latrobe, PA, 15650-2698, US
Phone +1 (724) 537 7791
Fax +1 (724) 537 4910
Website morgantechnicalceramics.com

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Alloys for deep-drilling bits

The Wesgo Metals business of Morgan Technical Ceramics has developed a proprietary manufacturing process to focus on the production of high-strength, high-purity alloys for drill bits used in exploration. This streamlined manufacturing process for superior performance alloys supports the significant growth in deep drilling/fossil fuel markets, including potential increased demands from a proposed lift of bans on offshore drilling. Stringent process control allows for highly controlled purity and consistent braze temperatures, resulting in alloys that exhibit high tolerance and a more reliable drill bit, as required for brazing polycrys-talline diamond cutters (PDC) to tungsten. Increased tool life provides longer periods of uninterrupted drilling, increasing productivity and savings. Reduced lead times and increased capacity not only satisfies increased demand for the specialized brazing alloys utilized in these highly specialized drill bits, but also allows Wesgo to produce custom preforms according to customer specification. Wesgo is able to tool and stamp in-house, as well as offer materials in ductile foil form.