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INTERTEC Instrumentation Ltd.

Address 255 Henry Drive, Sarnia, ON, N7T 7H5, CA
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Intertec Instrumentation produces protective enclosures for field-based process instrumentation and control equipment, using glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP). This material offers remarkable advantages for oil and gas applications (including natural corrosion resistance, low weight, extended durability for long life applications, much higher thermal resistance than metal – making it easier to insulate against heat and cold – and benign environments for wireless communications). Our broad range of enclosures, cabinets and shelters, plus a comprehensive selection of accessories including heating and cooling components, protect against freezing, condensation, solar radiation/UV, explosion, fire, corrosion, impact, etc. We have designed and shipped over a million instrument protection enclosures since 1965, to protect equipment operating in the most demanding operating conditions on Earth - from Arctic regions to deserts to harsh coastal and offshore environments. Application-specific protection may be configured using free software tools. Or, Intertec will configure a turnkey solution for you, using know-how that has evolved over more than 40 years. Intertec manufactures in Sarnia, Ontario, and a site in Houston, Texas with local assembly and system building capabilities.

Intertec Instrumentation produces protective enclosures, cabinets and shelters for field instrumentation, using GRP.

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Tough outdoor enclosures simplify advanced remote I/O plant control architectures

Intertec Instrumentation is launching a range of tough field enclosures for housing remote I/O and other control and instrumentation electronics, featuring compact passive cooling to dramatically reduce costs of ownership. The new enclosures help EPCs and processing plant engineers to eliminate the need for large and costly plant buildings such as satellite instrument houses or remote instrument enclosures - which often need to be air conditioned and blast- and fire-resistant.

Antistatic coating for hazardous area enclosures

Intertec has launched an advance in antistatic surface coating treatment for its GRP (glassfiber reinforced polyester) outdoor enclosures. Developed specially for Intertec by the chemical specialist BÜFA, the new nanotechnology-based coating also boosts protection against damage from ultraviolet radiation - helping to achieve extended maintenance-free lifecycles of field-based control and instrumentation equipment in processing industries such as oil, gas, chemicals and petrochemicals. Intertec's weathering tests in an environmental test chamber have demonstrated that the new coating can withstand extended exposure to very high UV levels - providing a new level of protection particularly for GRP field enclosures destined for environments such as deserts, the tropics or the Arctic.

Remote instrument enclosures use triple-redundant cooling

Outdoor shelters with a novel combination of Intertec's passive and active cooling technologies have been chosen to protect vital control systems at a Middle Eastern refinery. The environmental protection solution is being provided as part of an upgrade to the burner management systems at the core of the plant's refining processes.

Convection heater for difficult process heating applications

This compact convection electric heater from INTERTEC Instrumentation has been designed for temperature maintenance or control in harsh environments. The heater has been optimized for reliability, through features including a fully potted and factory-sealed design, and is rated to IP68 – allowing it to function even when fully submerged. Additionally, it has no exposed contacts, so it is highly reliable even in corrosive atmospheres. Available with power outputs from 25 to 500 W, the new solution is much smaller and easier to install than the common option of trace heating cabling. The product is a variant of Intertec’s field-proven and explosion-proof Multitherm design for heating in hazardous environments, with the same high-integrity features, but without the protection markings.

Passively cooled enclosure

This passively cooled enclosure from In-tertec exploits a novel phase-change material to maintain the temperature of electronics equipment at 10 degrees lower than peak ambient temperatures. Requiring no power supply to operate, Intertec has produced a standard cooling enclosure with enough internal space to meet common application requirements, such as the pressure transmitters and process analyzers used on oil and gas pipelines running through desert environments.