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XtremeGrip liner hangers from Halliburton installed at record depths

Halliburton XtremeGrip liner hangers have been installed to a depth of 30,924 feet in the Gulf of Mexico Hess-operated Stampede deepwater development, setting a record depth for the XtremeGrip system. To facilitate the completions, Halliburton installed a total of 37 XtremeGrip expandable liner hangers across seven wells to date, with no liner-top leaks or remedial work required.

Halliburton's EarthStar doubles depth of investigation of current LWD tech

Halliburton has released the EarthStar ultra-deep resistivity service, a logging-while-drilling technology that helps operators map reservoir and fluid boundaries over 200 feet (61 meters) from the wellbore, more than doubling the depth of investigation of current industry offerings. The service delivers a comprehensive reservoir view so operators can eliminate costly pilot holes and sidetracks, make informed geosteering decisions in real-time and better plan future field development.

Landmark launches DecisionSpace software to improve production potential

Landmark, a Halliburton business line, launched DecisionSpace Production Engineering and DecisionSpace Production Insights software to help operators better utilize data to reduce costs and unlock production potential. These offerings strengthen the DecisionSpace Production portfolio by adding analytical dashboards and production engineering capabilities. Both are integrated with economics and reservoir information to help solve production challenges quickly and cost-effectively.

Microsoft, Halliburton target digital transformation of oil and gas

Microsoft and Halliburton have announced plans to enter into a strategic alliance to drive digital transformation across the oil and gas industry. The relationship will combine the expertise of a global leader in cloud and digital transformation with a global leader in exploration and production (E&P) science, software and services.

Halliburton teams up with Eclipse Resources to complete longest lateral well in the U.S.

Halliburton has announced that it worked with Eclipse Resources Corporation to complete hydraulic fracturing of the extended reach lateral test well known as "Purple Hayes." The Utica Shale well had a lateral length of over 18,500 feet and was completed with 124 frac stages in 24 days. The total depth was 27,046 feet, including the lateral extension which Eclipse believes is the longest horizontal onshore lateral ever drilled in the United States.

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Halliburton and Baker Hughes provide update regarding DOJ review

Halliburton Company and Baker Hughes Incorporated have announced that they expect that their timing agreement with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) will expire without reaching a settlement or the DOJ initiating litigation at this time to block their pending transaction. The DOJ has informed the companies that it does not believe that the remedies offered to date are sufficient to address the DOJ’s concerns, but acknowledged that they would assess further proposals and look forward to continued cooperation from the parties in their continuing investigation.

Formation Evaluation Service from Halliburton gives snapshot of water, oil and gas saturations

Halliburton's Wireline & Perforating business has introduced the Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D) pulsed-neutron tool that helps solve for water, oil, and gas saturations within reservoirs using three independent measurements (Sigma, CO, and SATG). Relying on only one or two independent measurements can reduce the accuracy of results depending on conditions in the formation and formation fluids. The RMT-3D tool allows operators to calculate saturations using different methods to acquire accurate results. The data is collected with one trip in the hole, reducing nonproductive time and the potential for costly additional trips.

May/June 2006

HALLIBURTON AND CANADA – EIGHTY YEARS AND GOING STRONGHalliburton has served the Canadian oil and gas industry since 1926. Today, we have more than 2,000 employees in over 20 service centres throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and Canadian East Coast offshore. Halliburton adds value through the entire life cycle by providing and integrating products and services from exploration and development through production and operations to infrastructure and abandonment. Halliburton has four divisions:• Halliburton Digital and Consulting Solutions locates and manages hydrocarbons.