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E-book products for oil and gas industry

ebrary, a leading provider of e-content services and technologies, has launched e-book products that can help employees in the oil and gas industry quickly find and use the information they need to solve problems and make important decisions. In addition to providing e-books, manuals, handbooks, and other authoritative digital content from such esteemed publishers as McGraw-Hill, Elsevier, and John Wiley & Sons, ebrary offers patented technology that makes the research process easier and more productive. For example, with ebrary InfoTools, an end-user can select words or phrases of interest in a document, then instantly link out to additional online resources within the company and on the web. ebrary’s e-book products are available under both subscription and purchase models. Additionally, corporations may use the same ebrary platform to distribute their own digitized materials (in PDF) online such as reference manuals, product and process, technical documentation, compliance information, etc. All content in the ebrary system is integrated and delivered via a single, easy-to-use platform.