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Syntec Biofuel Inc.

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Syntec to develop catalysts to produce butanol and propanol

Syntec Biofuel Inc. is launching a research program to develop catalysts and processes to produce Bio-butanol and Bio-propanol from biomass. This new R&D initiative is projected to be a three year program and will run in parallel with Syntec’s catalyst development. Syntec has, since 2001, successfully developed catalysts to convert biomass and MSW into ethanol, methanol and higher order alcohols currently boasts and one of the highest yields in the world (110 gpt). Syntec is one of a small handful of companies around the world specializing in thermo-chemical biofuel technology. Butanol is considered by many industry experts to be one of the most promising bio-fuels, as endorsed by the research initiative commenced between BP and DuPont.