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ERF Wireless progresses into new oil and gas territories amid growing demand for wireless broadband solutions

ERF Wireless, a provider of enterprise-class wireless broadband products and services, announced that the company’s Oil & Gas Services Division has recently taken delivery of the first unit in a family of new mobile broadband trailers that are proprietary to ERF Wireless and that are equipped with 100-foot deployable towers. These giant mobile broadband towers (MBTs) are unique to the industry as compared to the more common 50-foot MBTs currently being used across most ERF Wireless networks. These new 100-foot MBTs were specifically designed and developed for the tall forested regions of certain oil and gas drilling regions where even VSAT communications with much lower bandwidth have trouble transmitting beyond the 80- to 90-foot tree canopies surrounding the drilling rigs. In particular, new ERF Wireless network coverage initiatives into areas such as recently announced Haynesville Shale region would not be possible without this new 100-foot MBT.