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Protect instruments from damage

NOSHOK thermowells, in conjunction with temperature measurement equipment, allow the user to remove and replace instrumentation without having to shut down the process. NOSHOK thermowells protect instruments from damage or failure due to corrosive, erosive, high pressure, and high velocity flow applications.

Explosion-proof pressure transmitters

NOSHOK recently announced their new 619 and 620 Series heavy-duty pressure transmitters. These transmitters are used for gas pressure measurement on drilling platforms, pipelines, and at refineries and petrochemical plants, as well as for borehole monitoring. Units are available in a variety of pressure ranges, feature a pressure-tight encapsulated design, and are ATEX II 2G Exd IIC approved for explosive environments. The 619 and 620 Series transmitters feature corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction and a welded pressure connection and measuring cell for exceptional shock and vibration resistance. Their standard output signal is 4-20 mA, 2-wire. Other options are available with voltage outputs in a 3-wire system.