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Successful oil in water analysis with the TD-500D and the No-Solvent Method

After a year of introduction and successful deployments, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments’ new “No-Solvent Method” for oil in water analysis with the TD-500D hand held oil in water analyzer has been declared a success. The No-Solvent oil in water analysis method is now out selling solvent extraction two to one. “We are now selling twice as many No-Solvent kits as we do the traditional solvent extraction kits,” said Duane Germenis, VP of upstream sales and marketing. 
The huge benefits to the end user are first, much higher sampling and measurement consistency between operators than with traditional solvent extraction methods. Using the proprietary oil solublizing surfactant means the operators do not have to make precision or consistent liquid measurements in the field. They simply fill the sample bottle to about 100 ml without regard to accuracy. The oil is solublized without regard to specific volumes. Second, the use of the No-Solvent method reduces the operator exposure to chemicals and the problems of disposal. The Turner surfactant is easily flown anywhere in the world without hazard. 

Oil in water analysis method

The Applications Lab at Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. has developed a field method for oil in water analysis without solvents. The new TD-500D, no-solvent analysis method for oil in water measurement and analysis uses inexpensive, fully safe and disposable solutions. It allows analysis to take place in environmentally sensitive areas such as the North Sea that reject the use of solvents.

No solvent oil in water analysis method

The TD-500D is a revolutionary bench-top method to measure oil in water that uses no solvent. The advantages are significant in that they have eliminated the health and safety hazards of transporting, handling and disposing of solvents commonly used in the field for oil in water analysis. Along with safety, the method eliminates operator error associated with precision liquid measurements during the analysis process. This new method is designed to be compatible with their TD-500D hand held oil-in-water analyzer. It is a robust method using a simple surfactant instead of solvent, with unprecedented accuracy and repeatability.