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AirPhaser Environmental Ltd.

Address Surrey, BC, CA
Phone (604) 308-7435
Fax (604) 533-7134
Email [email protected]
Website airphaser.com

Air Phaser is designed to oxidize and/or reduce air-borne pollutants, typically classified as Volitile Organic Compounds (VOC's) that need to be transformed to environmentally benign forms. These VOC's also may or may not be odorous and are typically emitted by large scale industries as a result of their operations. Air Phaser's technology transforms these VOC's to safe, non-hazardous and non-odorous compounds and it does this using only electricity.

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A new compact odour treatment system is available to treat a wide range of air emission flow rates of 15,000 to 75,000 cfm and more. It is based on “non-thermal plasma” technology so it only uses a modest amount of electricity to operate and it never wears out or needs rebuilding. This technology is effective in removing odours from composting, biosolids, manure and other organics. It is also effective in process factories for food, pet, fish, and animal feed odours resulting from process air venting. The system converts the odour, VOCs and complex organic compounds to carbon dioxide and water. Extremely compact, a 15,000 cfm unit can treat the odour in a six-by-six-by six-feet volume. The four-foot high, 1,500 cfm-sized system is portable enough to travel to any site.