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Magnetic scrubber technology improves pump performance

Ferrous metal contamination in fluid results in premature wear and failure of pumps resulting in down-time for repairs and increased operational costs. The 5000 Series Magnetic Scrubber reduces pump damage caused by corrosion and erosion, which extends pump component life and reduces pump maintenance or replacement. When installed prior to pumps or return lines the 5000 Series Magnetic Filter Scrubber’s magnetic fields are fully exposed to contamination with minimal flow restriction, resulting in efficient removal of contamination. A Mag-drive pump’s magnetic field gathers ferrous contamination causing the pump to seize and fail. In Mag-drive pump applications, the 5000 Series Magnetic Scrubber captures ferrous contamination before it reaches the pump, reducing pump failure. In applications such as diaphragm and screw pumps, the scrubber traps ferrous and non-ferrous contamination by way of static adhesion which minimizes wear on pump components. The scrubber’s strong magnetic fields have the ability to filter large particles to sub-micron sizes, which is important for fluids traveling in “high flow” applications.