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Centrifugal pumps work for LACT

Centrifugal pumps work for LACT

Griswold Pump Company’s 811 Series ANSI Centrifugal Pumps offer the operational capabilities that are required for one of the most crucial activities in oil and natural gas production: Leased Asset Custody Transfer (LACT). A LACT unit automatically measures, samples and transfers oil from a lease location into the oilfield into a pipeline, from where it is transferred to a terminal or end-user. Think of the LACT unit as a “cash register” between a company that is selling the oil and a company that is buying the oil.
A key to keeping LACT units – which can be stationary or skid-mounted – operating efficiently and reliably is the pump that transfers the oil from the owner’s transport or storage vessel into the buyer’s. Griswold’s 811 Series ANSI Centrifugal Pumps meet the challenges that can be associated with LACT operations because they are capable of completely transferring oil from a tanker to a client’s storage tank, as well as transloading product from a tanker to a railcar, all while performing reliably in any variety of extreme operating conditions.

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