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AGL has been focused from the beginning in supplying construction customers with precision control methods that enhance profitability, are tough, reliable and simple to use.

"TOTAL VALUE" for the customer is the sum of (a) initial purchase price, (b) operating cost-maintenance during the life of the product, and (c) cost to set up and use the product each and every day.

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Short pipe laser useful for tight spots

The GradeLight 2700 introduced by AGL is the shortest pipe laser available. Its 10.5-inch (265mm) length makes it ideal for fitting tight inverts and small pipe jacking pits. Applications include sanitary and storm sewers, tunneling, and pipe jacking. The GradeLight 2700 will self-level over its wide +40 to -10 percent grade range. It can be powered by its Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack, alkaline batteries, or from a 12V DC source with an optional power cord.