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Capturx Software from Adapx helps oil, gas, and pipeline teams speed field service, construction, commissioning, and inspections with automated field data capture.  Leaders like Chevron and TransCanada use Capturx forms to easily capture field data with tablets or digital pens. Data is instantly integrated into your systems and workflows, without complex software or data entry. Visit http://www.adapx.com/solutions/oil-gas to view a quick video demo.


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Top 3 pipeline right-of-way data management trends

Planning, securing, and managing right-of-way (ROW) data for pipeline construction generates large amounts of paperwork and data management needs. The paperwork ranges from managing high-level pipeline routing and land surveys to engineering design iterations and a myriad of documents around land ownership, easements, and leases. The initial ROW planning starts generating the paperwork, which only increases as construction begins and changes need to be documented and managed.

Data digitization system

Capturx software  is designed to digitize data for integration into Microsoft SharePoint and Excel, and provide immediate sharing, reporting and workflow automation. Capturx works as a natural interface into Microsoft Office, SharePoint, ArcGIS and PDF, through the use of digital pens. It enables paper forms, maps and designs to be filled out or marked up with digital pens, which digitize the handwriting and integrate the data directly into software applications.

Bringing well services into the digital age

Reef Services is a Texas-based provider of chemical sales and solutions to the oil and gas industry, as well as the mining, and quarry industries. The company provides services and chemicals for oil field production and stimulation, as well as pipeline transmission, remediation and water management.