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Sound level meter


Casella CEL Inc. announced it has made a number of enhancements that add more functionality to its CEL-630 sound level meter, one of the smallest and easy to use devices of its kind currently available on the market.


Among the latest modifications is the addition of 'Audio Recording', which has a number of uses and applications including the ability to record voice notes before or after a measurement, allowing the operator to annotate a measurement without needing to write anything down. In addition, new 'Data Markers' allow information to be tagged during measurement and marked when downloaded with the corresponding audio  captured, either because the operator wishes to note something of significance or to remove extraneous artifacts . For added convenience, all audio recordings can be played back via headphones or downloaded to a PC.


Another new feature is the ability for event capture to be triggered from a pre-set decibel level threshold, particularly useful  for unattended noise monitoring  to capture events of interest when noise reaches a certain level. Events  CEL-630 can be triggered from multiple parameters  or conditions and the source audio is stored with the event.


Incorporating the latest digital technology, the CEL-630 has a single measurement range of up to 140dB, with no set-up adjustment required when obtaining and viewing different noise parameters.

Air sampling pumps with sealed case

Extreme environments in the construction, mining, petrochemical and many other industries can expose workers to dangerous airborne particulates and vapors, such as lead, mold or asbestos, or a variety of organic or synthetic chemicals. Sample pumps must be accurate and rugged to survive in all kinds of work environments while reliably collecting physical samples for further analysis. Casella CEL offers its TUFF line of personal air sampling pumps that feature a sealed case with over-molding that protects it from damaging moisture, extreme temperatures, solvents, and impact.

Environmental enclosure kit

The Dust Detective, a new environmental enclosure kit, allows a Microdust Pro to be used in extended measurement situations where particulate concentrations must be monitored for more than the typical eight-hour working day. It features a Casella Apex Lite sampling pump to empower the Microdust Pro to run up to 19 hours continuously in the field. The Dust Detective solution is quick to assemble, easily deployed, and provides both gravimetric and real time dust data for accurate safety evaluation and reporting purposes. The Microdust Pro is a portable, hand-held monitor that assesses concentrations of suspended matter in a sensitivity range of 1µgm -3 to 2500 mgm -3.