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New QuickCamp System

The QuickCamp System allows operators to fuse pipe from 8 inches IPS to 36 inches OD (225 mm to 900 mm) day or night during severe weather conditions in a climate-controlled shelter that protects fusion joints from the elements. A single operator can load and align pipe by remote control from inside the shelter with the MegaMc PolyHorse and MegaMc Rollers pipe-handling tools which are included in the QuickCamp System in addition to a 1236/900 or 824/630 fusion carriage. The carriage can be moved by up to 18 inches so that the pipe ends can be adjusted for proper face-off when pulling pipe through the shelter.

Pipe fusion machine introduced for 2- through 6-inch DIPS

The new PitBull 26 fusion machine is ideal for use in gas pipeline applications, and is designed to fuse a variety of pipe sizes in 2-inch IPS through 6-inch ductile iron pipe size (63mm through 180mm) range. 

“We are a customer-centric company. We knew from market feedback that we had to provide our customers a great fusion machine designed for the demands of this popular pipe size range,” said Chip McElroy, president of McElroy.   Much like McElroy’s PitBull 14 machine, the new 26 features the company’s patented Centerline Guidance System, a semi-automatic locking cam, hard anodized aluminum wear surfaces for corrosion resistance and thrust-bearing-equipped clamp knobs that minimize the torque required to clamp and round the pipe for fusion operations. The unit can also fit on McElroy’s Manual Fusion Machine Stand to bring the process to a more comfortable height for the operator.   Three PitBull 26 machine models are stand, facer stand, 6-inch IPS insert set and a screw/driver kit.   Pipe-fusion-focused iTunes application introduced McElroy also recently introduced the McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator, which  is the first pipe-fusion-focused Apple iTunes application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is a free application specifically designed to help a fusion machine operator find the correct fusion pressure calculations for a job.    According to McElroy, to properly heat-fuse polyethylene pipe, fusion pressure must be calculated in accordance to a pipe manufacturer’s recommended interfacial pressure. When using the McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator application, the operator selects or keys in the pipe size, pressure requirements and the fusion machine to discover the recommended theoretical gauge pressure.   “We’ve always felt that the best way to further the pipe fusion industry is to get easy-to-use tools in the hands of pipeliners,” said McElroy.    The McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator application is simple to use. After downloading McCalc through the iTunes Store, users simply open the application and choose the machine and the machine’s total effective piston area (TEPA). Next, pipe size, wall thickness, interfacial pressure and ag pressure are chosen. Once all the parameters of the fusion are set, the “calculate fusion pressure” button is selected and the calculation’s answer is displayed.   McElroy

Record and document parameters of pipe fusion process

The Wired DataLogger from McElroy records and documents key parameters of the pipe fusion process, while offering two important changes from previous models. The device consists of a rugged, handheld computer for recording and navigating the data and a data-collection unit that records heater temperature and fusion pressure over time. The Wired DataLogger differs from the wireless version because it can be used on fusion procedures that require up to 4,000 psi or job sites that don’t use Bluetooth communications to transmit the data. The handheld computer is designed to be simple and versatile, using the familiar Microsoft Windows user interface.

Pipe fusion equipment

McElroy introduces the DynaMc Auto 250 and 412 fusion machines. The DynaMc Auto 250 can fuse high-density polyethylene pipes sized from 63 mm to 250 mm, while the Auto 412 fuses pipe from 110 mm to 340 mm. The Auto units are comprised of five components – control unit, facer, heater, power unit and jaw carriage – that work in unison to operate within the automated fusion specifications set forth by UK gas industry specification PL2-3:2006. The DynaMc Autos feature a control unit with USB port for downloading reports in a modernized way. A bright, back-lit screen guides the operator step-by-step through the fusion process. The facer is hydraulically powered, with multiple blades for an efficient trimming process. McElroy engineers created a power unit that could maximize the potential from a single 30 amp outlet on a generator to operate all five components.

Fuse range of HDPE pipe sizes

Two McElroy DynaMc Auto models are now available for fusing high-density polyethylene pipes sized from 63mm up to 340mm. The DynaMc Auto 250 and 412 are McElroy’s newest fusion machines. McElroy designed the low interfacial pressure DynaMc Auto machines to be extremely powerful and sturdy, while maintaining a small, portable and modular design. The DynaMc Autos are also ideal for in-ditch fusion situations. The DynaMc Auto 250 machine is capable of fusing pipes sized from 63mm to 250mm. The 412 machine has fusion capabilities from 110mm to 340mm. Both machines are comprised of five components – the control unit, facer, power unit, heater and jaw carriage.

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