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Swagelok Company

Address 31500 Aurora Road, Solon, OH, 44139, US
Phone 440 349 5934
Fax 440 349 5843
Email [email protected]
Website swagelok.com

Headquartered in Solon, Ohio, U.S.A., Swagelok Company is a major developer and provider of fluid system solutions, including products, assemblies, and services for the research, instrumentation, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, power, petrochemical, alternative fuels, and semiconductor industries. Its manufacturing, research, technical support, and distribution facilities support a global network of more than 200 authorized sales and service centers in 57 countries. The company’s main product groups include:  fittings, valves, measurement devices, regulators, mini modular systems, tubing and tube accessories, quick-connects, filters, hoses and flexible tubing, welding systems, sample cylinders, leak detectors, lubricants, and sealants.

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Low-temperature seal and diaphragm options for Swagelok regulators

Swagelok, a provider of fluid system products, assemblies, and services, has announced the release of a new low-temperature seal option. The new seal, a product expansion for the company's RHPS Series pressure regulators line, is designed to maintain a strong seal in cold climates and applications where significant cooling occurs due to high pressure drop. Comprised of low-temperature-resistant nitrile material, these regulator components are ideal for use even in environments with extensive presence of hydrocarbons, such as at large industrial gas suppliers' facilities where climate control may not be an option.

Proportional relief valves for piping up to one inch

Swagelok RHPS series PRV model proportional relief valves provide proportional venting of overpressures for piping systems up to 1 inch in size. End connections include NPT female, BSPP female, and BSPP male in sizes 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch. Available Swagelok threaded adapters convert from BSPP to NPT to allow for easy product installation.

Tube facing and cutting tools

Swagelok has added five new tools to the company’s equipment product line to complement its orbital welding equipment and tubing offering. Designed for portability and ease of use, the expanded product selection includes four new tube facing tools and one cutting tool. The tools are intended for use with 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, and most nickel-based alloys.

Pressure control regulators

Swagelok RHPS series TBRS and TBVS model regulators provide accurate pressure control in low-pressure gas systems. One common application is accurate control of a blanketing (inert) gas in a closed tank or vessel. Installed on a tank’s inlet and outlet, the TBRS (inlet) and TBVS (outlet) regulators maintain a tank’s blanketing gas at a constant pressure. Changes in the tank pressure due to a change in its level or temperature automatically trigger the regulators to maintain the desired pressure of blanketing gas over the tank’s contents. These regulators provide full mechanical control.

Compact gauge valve

Lightweight and compact, the new Swagelok compact gauge valve is designed with a smaller footprint and for maximum performance. The design provides quick, convenient access for the isolation and venting of pressure gauges. The valve can be used with Swagelok pressure gauges. The pressure gauges are positionable with tube adapter ends, eliminating threaded connections and leak points.

Medium-pressure ball valve delivers consistent sealing

Designed for improved cycle life in the field, the Swagelok FKB series medium-pressure ball valve provides a leak-tight seal for applications up to 15,000 psig. The trunnion-style ball valve features Swagelok’s patent-pending direct load design, which delivers a more consistent seal across a full range of pressures. Innovative stem and end connection seals prevent shell leakage and provide robust cycle life even in severe conditions. The introduction of this ball valve expands the company’s line of medium-pressure products, including gaugeable tube and adapter fittings and seamless tubing, which satisfy the higher working pressure requirements of the oil and gas industry.

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