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Todo LPG dry-break couplings

Distributed exclusively by Novaflex, TODO-GAS couplings with new, patented Tapered Valve Seating are specifically designed for the safe transfer of LPG (typically Propane/Butane) in both liquid and vapour phases. Available in both stainless-steel 316L and brass, with either threaded (ISO/NPT) or flanged connections in one-inch, two-inch and three-inch diameters. Valves in both halves close automatically before disconnection, eliminating any product loss. Flow rates range from 200 L/min for the one-inch, up to an incredible 2,500 L/min for the three-inch. Both, component design and materials used in the construction of Todo LPG couplings are specified to recognize the unique properties of LPG and terminal handling characteristics.

Pump-Flex composite hose

Novaflex has launched their brand new Pump-Flex composite hose. This new product is specifically designed for the rental industry, as it offers an extremely flexible and lightweight alternative to the heavy rubber and cumbersome plastic suction and discharge hoses commonly in use in this industry. The new Pump-Flex composite hose is designed for the transfer of petroleum products, water and light chemicals*.