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Bearing/gear fault monitor reduces costs

Designed to provide early warning of bearing and gear faults, Tekne Inc.’s new Bearing Fault Monitor (BFM) solution detects high frequency impacting associated with spalling, cracking and lubrication problems. Ideal for petrochemical applications, this solution can reduce maintenance costs and production downtime by alerting maintenance and operations of potential catastrophic failures. The BFM provides two vibration output signals: 1. The raw voltage signal generated by the accelerometer 2. A signal, logarithmically scaled to 4-20 mA, which is proportional to the high frequency, captured peak acceleration. This signal interfaces with a Schneider Electric Magelis XBT-GT HMI to provide a Bearing Fault Alarm condition. The user-friendly, coloured Magelis HMI touch screen displays the vibration conditions and allows the user to manually select vibration sensors when using a vibration analyzer.