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BJ Services gears up in Marcellus shale fields

BJ Services Company is expanding its tubing and casing running operations in the Marcellus shale fields of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York. BJ has carried out casing and tubing running services on behalf of nearly every shale play operator on a variety of horizontal and lateral wells in difficult terrain under severe winter weather conditions. One benefit to customers of dedicated casing and tubing running services is the enhanced assurance that the casing will be properly torqued, minimizing chances of later concerns about joint-to-joint integrity. This improves customers' environmental stewardship as well as the longevity of the well.

Electromagnetic energy remedies wells, increases production

BJ Services Company has launched a new technology that can boost production in underproducing and plugged wells using a combination of electromagnetic wave frequencies to affect downhole molecular bonding. The patent-pending EcoWave treatment service transmits high-frequency radio waves and microwaves into the wellbore at low power to remove and inhibit organic deposition and improve reservoir wettability.