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Field gas collection method

Microanalytics has addressed both parts of the industrial odour reduction process by developing an improved field gas collection method that includes the Sumo-Bag for immediate collection. The sample is then either sent directly to the laboratory for analysis on Microanalytics’ AromaTrax GCMS-Olfactometry System, or in situations with longer storage requirements transferred first to an adsorption tube. Combined with the human nose, AromaTrax instrumentation provides an accurate and efficient way to characterize and identify critical odours. Microanalytics’ Sumo-Bag provides a more effective way to collect the actual air samples. After the collection of the sample, and within the first 30 minutes, the sample is easily transferred to an adsorption tube and prepared for transfer to the laboratory or storage area awaiting analysis. This collection and transfer process provides the most effective way to transport malodorous highly polar, semi-volatile compounds from a variety of human, biological and industrial waste environments.