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Thawzall, LLC

Address 104 Donovan Drive, Alexandria, MN, 56308, US
Phone 320 759 1588
Fax 320 759 1583
Email [email protected]
Website thawzall.com

Company Description:

Thawzall, LLC is a premier OEM of portable hydronic and flameless heaters for the oil and gas markets throughout the Bakken, Oil Sands, Utica, Gammon, Mowry and Marcellus formations and the North Slope. 

Significant heat reliably delivered—“REAL” flameless heat in any environment - Demand Thawzall!

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Innovative, reliable flameless heater

Thawzall has invested thousands of hours innovating and developing the H1350 FLAMELESS HEATER to be reliable with simple “switch-it-on and let-it-run” design, safe by using sparkless, cool-running components; and efficient by producing more heat, higher temperature discharge, and higher static air delivery – all resulting in longer discharge runs. The H1350 was designed with the most reliable shaft-power-to-heat conversion. Its recovery system adds up to 30 percent more energy output to the air stream while offering an adjustable setpoint of up to 275 degrees F. The airflow is adjustable to 7,500 CFM. The H1350 outperforms its hydraulic competitors two to one, according to its manufacturer.