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Wilden Pump and Engineering, LLC

Address 22069 Van Buren Street, Grand Terrace, CA, 92313-5607, US
Tel 909-422-1730
Fax 909-783-3440
Email [email protected]
Website wildenpump.com

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Pump line now available in ductile iron versions

Wilden, part of PSG, a Dover company, has announced the release of ductile iron versions of its Advanced FIT AODD pump. Specifically designed to be direct replacements for existing pump installations, Wilden Advanced FIT pumps feature bolted product containment, easier maintenance and more efficient operations.

Wilden Introduces New PS20 102 mm (4”) Metal AODD Pump with Energy-Efficient Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS

Wilden, part of PSG, a Dover company and a worldwide leader in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology, is pleased to announce the release of its new PS20 102 mm (4”) Original Metal AODD Pump equipped with the energy-efficient Pro-Flo SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS). This new high performance pump features the reliability and energy savings of the Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS while its clamped configuration allows for easier maintenance, diaphragm replacement and cleaning.

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