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RCI launches line of fuel solidification products

California-based fuel purifier manufacturer RCI Technologies recently introduced a range of fuel solidification products, which fall in line with the company’s green-certified products and commitment to the responsible disposal of hazardous wastes generated through the cleaning of diesel fuels. These products convert hazardous hydrocarbon waste by-products into inert, non-hazardous material safe for conventional waste disposal.

Remote pumping unit available in three flow rates

Fuel purifier manufacturer RCI Technologies is now offering three models of its Remote Pumping Unit Fuel Recirculating System. The FRS 660-RPU-UL is designed to automatically circulate and clean stored fuel, utilizing the customer’s existing pump, on a preprogrammed schedule. The RPU is now available in three flow rates (in gallons per minute): 7 gpm, 40 gpm and 90 gpm.
As with all of RCI’s fuel recirculating systems, the RPU uses RCI’s patented fuel purification technology, with no filters or moving parts. They are used for primary fuel purification and remove 99.9 percent of water, including emulsified water, and up to 98 percent of the normal solid or particulate contaminants found in all diesel fuel.