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Intelligent Gateway connects SAE J1939 networks to Siemens PLC systems

This new addition to the Anybus gateway family enables a Profibus-DP Master to read and write J1939 network data for control and monitoring tasks. The gateway accomplishes this by operating simultaneously as a Profibus-DP Slave on a Profibus network and as a CAN node on a J1939 network. Data is exchanged from either network based on a user defined configuration. HMS provides a free Windows-based configuration tool (BWConfig) that allows the user to map J1939 parameter (PGN) data into the module's input and output tables, accessible by the Profibus Master over the Profibus-DP network.
With its rugged industrial design the device is designed for use across a wide variety of applications and industries. These include heavy duty equipment and vehicles used for oil and gas. Typical uses include applications in oil and gas production or on-vehicle applications where the gateway is used as an interface between the J1939 network and Profibus based industrial PLCs.