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Mouse-resistant insulated covers keep pipes from freezing

In the Wyoming coal-bed methane field, mice chew through fabric wellhead covers and build nests close to the warm pipes. The mice nests attract rattlesnakes, a potentially serious problem for the workmen who check the wells daily.
Gas is collected by pumping water out of the coal seam, relieving pressure and allowing gas to surface. One way to keep surface pipes from freezing is to wrap heat tape around the pipes and cover with an insulated blanket.
Kennon Products of Sheridan, Wyoming, builds insulated aircraft engine blankets. How did they go about solving this problem? Kelly Brennan, PhD describes his “field tests” in search of a solution. “We sewed peanut butter cups inside pouches made from common flexible covering materials and set them out in a hayfield. Mice quickly chewed through them to their reward. We then made a pouch with material that has a coating of hardened guard plates, and it stopped them.”
More than a hundred of Kennon’s Mouse-resistant Wellhead Covers have been in the gas fields for over a year, providing insulation, and leaving mice homeless.
Fibreglass huts or wellhead covers are also used to insulate pipes. Mice, skunks, porcupines and snakes find the dark, warm, shelters a safe-haven from the blistering Wyoming wind and cold. Huts also trap methane gas, which is a potential safety hazard.