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Rotary cutters for range of diameters

The new RC42S Rotary Cutter is designed for manual cuts on 40-42 inch (1,016-1,067 mm) steel pipe. Using the proven cutting mechanics of Reed’s Rotary Cutter line, the RC42 takes advantage of good leverage from its long handle which is used to turn the cutter. An included wrench is used to tighten the cutter and only 11.8 inches (300 mm) clearance is needed.

Rapid cut and bevel machine

Rapid Cut & Bevel Machines safely and efficiently cut and bevel up to 24” nominal (610 mm actual) PVC or PE pipe in one pass.  Faster than manual cutters and safer than chop saws, these lightweight, pneumatic powered machines are portable to the jobsite and are used aboveground, in water or in trenches. It takes about one minute per pipe diameter inch for set-up, cut and bevel.  Companies working with larger diameter PVC and PE pipe find Reed’s Rapid Cut and Bevel machines to be a great help on the jobsite as it will save them time and money.

Universal Pipe Cutters now for steel and PE

With different blades, Universal Pipe Cutters (UPCs) cut six-inch to 48-inch (150 to 1,300 mm) steel, ductile iron, cast iron, clay, concrete, PVC or PE pipe in one revolution.
These pneumatic powered cutters are lightweight, easy to set-up and use, fast cutting, require only 12-inch (300 mm) clearance around the pipe, provide a square cut and can be used underwater.