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Eco-friendly dry-prime pump

The 4JSVC-EBS-40 heavy duty four-inch eco-friendly dry-priming electric driven pump provides large solids-handling capabilities; the Enviroprime priming system eliminates product blow-by and is one of the fastest priming systems in the portable pump industry. With ideal flows of 1,175 gallons per minute and high heads to 150 feet, this robust pump is outstanding for bypass and construction dewatering applications. Thompson Pump is known for its sophisticated heavy-duty lines of high quality pumps, ranging in size from two to 18 inches. Thompson Pump sells and rents their entire line of pumps to the areas of public works, municipalities, construction, agriculture, dewatering, mining, sewer/lift stations and water/wastewater.

Liftstation backup pump solves sewage pump failures

Customers replace their traditional emergency backup systems – a generator with an automatic transfer switch – with a Thompson diesel-driven dry prime pump. This independent unit is a more cost effective solution to traditional pump station problems such as sewage pump failures. The versatile diesel dry prime pump also supplements lift station pumps should routine maintenance or emergency repairs be necessary. The product acts as a primary pumping system during routine maintenance and emergency repairs and is available in three to 18 inches, with flows to 11,000 gpm, heads to 430 feet, and solids handling to 4.25 inches.


The Arctic Knight is a simple and reliable cold weather package which allows a diesel-driven pump to be used in climates as cold as -40 degrees F.