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Axcess International receives order for wireless IDs to improve safety on oil platforms

Axcess International Inc. has secured a contract for providing a wireless ID system in support of advanced workforce management applications that will improve the safety of workers on a large oil platform in the Far East. It will be the Company’s second oil platform implementation and the first to include a new safety feature for automatically monitoring workers for injuries on the job. MicroWireless-based IDs have been successful in automatically securing perimeters and internal facilities and in counting worker “in/out” status to comply with industry emergency evacuation regulations such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) federal laws in oil and gas and petrochemical operations. Now, with nano-positioning sensors implemented inside Axcess’ Dot MicroWireless CredentialTM, an individual worker’s on-the-job status and location is automatically monitored by the RFID-based system 24/7 to alarm in the event of a serious injury, commonly called a “man-down” situation, arises.