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Secondary containment for bulk containers

The economical Ultra-IBC SpillPallet Plus is designed to provide secondary containment for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). The units use a 100% polyethylene (PE), 360 gallon sump together with (4) all-polyethylene supports and heavy-duty deck to offer exceptional chemical compatibility and superior weight capacity (8,500 lbs).  A low profile, 28” overall height and forklift ability allow safe and convenient handling and dispensing.  Optional Bucket Shelf attaches easily to catch small leaks and drips from IBC dispensing spouts.  360 gallon sump meets SPCC requirements and EPA Container Storage Regulations.

Protect curb inlets from runoff

Ultra-Curb Guard Plus protects curb inlets from polluetd runoff. Installation is quick and easy. The modular design of the product allows three, or four-foot long units to be easily connected to form longer lengths. Wedge-shaped, heavy-duty foam secures unit in curb inlet. Woven, polypropylene material provides high flow rate and will not cause ponding or flooding.

Ultra-P4 spill pallet nestable model

A large 66-gallon sump captures leaks and spills from steel or poly drums, while the nestable design allows multiple pallets to be shipped (or stored) in a minimal amount of space. The unit features 100 percent polyethylene construction – compatible with a broad range of chemicals including acids and corrosives. Its low-profile (10-inch height) makes drum handling safer and easier. The sump is two-way forkliftable, providing easy positioning, while meeting SPCC, EPA and Uniform Fire Code Containment Pallet Regulations.

Hazardous drum storage features two-way entry

Ultra-HardTop P4 Plus safely stores hazardous drums outdoors. Designed to accommodate four 55-gallon drums, the unit features a two-way entry system. To access drum tops, the ergonomically-friendly, rolltop cover can be easily lifted from waist height. To load or unload drums, swing-out doors provide safety and convenience. The lockable entry system is located on two opposite sides of the unit, allowing quick access to all four drums.