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SCADA configuration management

VTScada 10 offers a smarter approach to configuration management and reduces integration time. Users can copy existing applications, back up and restore configurations from a single file, easily transfer changes to new and existing applications, and roll back to any saved configurations while tracing all changes. The enhanced historian developed for next-generation SCADA systems means users can experience higher-performance data logging. Using multiple historians distributes the load across servers, and there is a fail-safe synchronization of primary and backup historians. Logging can be configured to SQL databases. New tools help improve work flow. Users can leave sticky notes on display pages, use the snooze feature to re-arm acknowledge alarms, easily open trend pages with pre-grouped tags, and search operator notes by date.

Easy-to-use software solution

VTScada HMI software is an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution designed for the water/wastewater industry. The base product includes all features required for most SCADA specifications. It is used for: New treatment plants and retrofits; remote telemetry; wastewater collections; water distribution; hydrology; river control; replacing FIX32, InTouch, iFIX, HyperTAC, HyperTAC II, RSView, and Lookout. VTScada requires no third party software and can provide data to existing business databases. VTScada communicates with both legacy and the new hardware. A smart-poling methodology allows communication with multiple manufacturers’ products simultaneously, often on the same radio frequency. Develop powerful solutions with VTScada’s object-oriented VTS scripting language, advanced alarm dialer and dynamic area partitioning. Stay in touch using the Internet, the telephone and wireless handheld devices. Version 9.0 supports 64-bit processors with compatible Windows operating systems.