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Popular liquid level sensor available in new range option

The popular and affordable SDX (Submersible Depth Transducer) liquid level sensor from Stevens Water Monitoring Systems is now available in a 0 to 5 foot range option, perfect for applications where the expected overall level change is minimal.
This new range option increases the resolution of the readings taken by the SDX, with its 4-20 mA output is being utilized over a smaller overall measurement range. Other measurement ranges available include 0 to 10 feet, 0 to 35 feet, and 0 to 50 feet.
The SDX is a versatile liquid level measurement sensor, offering 0.25 percent full-scale accuracy and fully-potted electronics contained in a EPDM rubber housing, making it an option for harsh environments that put more expensive sensors at risk of damage or loss.
Utilizing a vented cable, the SDX also uses an atmospheric pressure reference to ensure measurement accuracy.


Stevens Water Monitoring Systems’ Hydra Probe soil moisture sensor now comes with a new loam setting feature that covers more of the soil triangle spectrum. Loam is a term used to describe a soil that contains mixtures of sand, silt and clay. The new firmware calibration model is based on the work of Mark Seyfried from the USDA-ARS and Keren Humes from the University of Idaho. The new loam setting is a calibration model now programmed into the Hydra Probe that was determined from a variety of different soils taken from different depths. This new calibration curve will make the Hydra Probe even more accurate over a wider range of soil types.