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Detroit Diesel Corporation

Address 13400 W Outer Dr, Detroit, MI, 48239, US
Phone 313-592-5000
Website demanddetroit.com
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Company Bio:

For over 70 years, we have designed and built the heavy-duty engines that fuel commerce and transportation across North America and around the world. Our history is the foundation we build on today.

These days, our business is stronger than ever and headed in even more powerful directions. Our engines drive a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles, and now we’re offering our own line of axles built with the same precise engineering and rock-solid durability you expect from our engines. Our engineers are pioneering new innovative technologies that preserve our environment and we’re offering helpful and convenient services like Detroit Virtual Technician™ to keep your business running easily and efficiently. Over the next year, we’ll be rolling out some amazing additional components in our product line, so keep up: we’re running fast and hard.

We believe our new direction deserves a name that recalls our strong past at the heart of American manufacturing, and points the way to our industry-leading future. We’re proud to be part of the rebirth currently taking place in one of America’s greatest cities. So from now on, you can call us simply: Detroit.

Hard-working. Confident. Tough. Detroit.

To those who say American manufacturing is dead, we say: look again. The Motor City is revved up and ready to roll. We’re forging new paths, setting our sights on new destinations, and hiring new people to join our teams. From the trillions of pounds of cargo stocking store shelves, to the millions of schoolchildren driven to school on time, to emergency vehicles saving millions of lives, we are powered by Detroit. Just look under the hood. And then look inside the chassis. We’re putting it all together to work harder for you.

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Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) announced the start of vehicle production on February 5, 2018 with the new Detroit DD8 engine. The engine is the latest addition to Detroit's expansive powertrain portfolio. The success of the DD8 engine further increases Detroit's overall market leadership and complements the already-in-production DD5 engine for medium-duty and vocational markets.

Detroit Marks Production of 250,000th Heavy Duty Engine Platform

Less than seven years after introducing its groundbreaking Detroit DD15 engine, Detroit Diesel Corporation, marked the production of its 250,000th DD Series engine. The DD Series engines which also include the Detroit DD13, Detroit DD15, TC and Detroit DD16 engines feature superior performance and power.