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Tank levels can be monitored via the Web

MTS has been working with Ole-umTech Corporation on a solution that allows the customer to monitor tank levels via the Web. MTS Sensors provides the tank measurements and the OleumTech wireless monitors transmit the data back to the control room, where a Modbus controller with Ethernet output passes the data onto the Web. In the end, the customer is able to open a webpage and pull up the latest measurement at anytime. “The benefits for the customer from this solution are tremendous. The customer saves money on conduit, cable, and has the added convenience of allowing anyone the ability to check tank levels from anywhere,” says the company. MTS Sensors uses its Level Plus model MG liquid level transmitter to measure the level in storage tanks. The tank level is transmitted via Modbus to the OleumTech LevelMate Monitor that sends the measurement to the control room where the OleumTech DataHub is located. The output from the DataHub is connected to a Fieldbus controller that places the information on the Internet. The customer can open the website and poll the unit to find out the last collected measurement. The user can customize the update time of the radios and the web interface.


MTS Systems has supplied BP (formerly Amoco) with M-Series sensors for use in their storage tanks for refined petroleum products. Using the flexible M-Series sensors to fit the 45 to 60 foot tall vessels, the sensors provide both tank level and temperature measurement of flammable liquids. With a rugged design, the M-Series enables BP to monitor light oils, diesel fuels, and gasoline at various locations.