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Wireless remote monitoring and automation

CSE-Semaphore’s Wireless Monitor – T-BOX WM extends advanced monitoring, automation and telemetry capabilities to processes requiring as few as one or two measurements. Designed for locations that lack a power source, intelligent power management allows T-BOX WM to operate using a small lithium battery. This ready-to-install solution is available in a variety of enclosures, including DIN rail-mount and the IP66 weatherproof housing as shown, with internal single or dual lithium battery, and a wireless communications device or PSTN modem. Wireless options include GSM cellular, CDMA cellular and spread spectrum radio. A variety of optional sensors for level or pressure completes the solution.

Two-wire loop-powered smarter transmitter

Mil-Ram’s smarter, Tox-Array 2102, 4-20mA two-wire loop-powered self- calibration transmitter features: labour-free auto-calibration adjusts span monthly based on life curve for sensor; reduces calibration frequency, auto gas calibration in two minutes; non-intrusive hands-free magnetic switches; off-site sensor calibration to replace sensors in the field without recalibration. These transmitters use Mil-Ram’s no false alarms, chemi- cally selective toxic, LEL and O2-patented TOX-ARRAY sensors that do not react with air, have zero drift, are not sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity or pressure and stay awake when gas is absent. Recovery is less than 30 seconds even when exposed to high gas levels and the instrument has over three years maintenance-free life for each factory charge.

Level Plus MG sensor with temperature capabilities

MTS Systems Corp. has completely redesigned the temperature sensors for its Level Plus MG digital sensor, increasing capacity to 12 measurement points. With the additional temperature measurement points, the Model MG meets API requirement for the number of temperature points necessary for custody transfer. The temperature sensor is still contained in the Model MG pipe requiring only one process opening for level and temperature measurement. The three-in-one sensing for product level, interface level and temperature is ideal for applications such as process control, bulk storage and precision inventory control in the petrochemical industry. The Model MG is available with either equal or custom measurement point positioning, with a choice of one, five or 12 measurement points.


Flowline introduces EchoPod, an innovative level sensor that replaces floats, conductance and pressure activated level switches that fail due to dirty, sticking and scaling media in small tanks 49.2 inches (1.25 m) or less. EchoPod, a general purpose sensor, combines non-contact switch, controller and transmitter capabilities in one package. EchoPod combines four relays, 4-20mA output and pump/valve control in one small sensor. Maintenance-free EchoPod reduces tank system hardware through simplicity and consolidation. Specifications include: beam width two inches (5 cm); temperature -20 degrees C to 60 degrees C; and CSA approved.


Mil-Ram’s TOX-BOX Single Gas Portable Instrument provides high resolution measurement (16-bit analogue to digital conversion) of Mil-Ram’s unique patented electrochemical chlorine sensor with corresponding meter indication (16 character by two line LCD display) and local/external alarm function. The TOX-BOX is housed in a rugged, weather-proof plastic instrument case for dependable service under demanding field conditions. The instrument is easily configured through the operator interface consisting of front panel, push button switches and a large backlit LCD display (no dip switches). Low, mid, high and fault relays can be used to activate external alarms and/or switch equipment on/off. The alarm relays are easily configured for non-latching/latching, non-energized/energized and 0 to 255 second time delay.


LG/LS Industrial Systems of Korea announces its new XGB Series, the micro PLC that offers maximum automation at minimum cost. Slim, compact and powerful the XGB series measures 30 mm wide by 90 mm height by 60 mm deep. Its high performance and functionality can support simple control to complex tasks. With features such as 60 ns/Step processing speed and floating point arithmetic with on-board CPU, maximum seven expansion modules and up to 480 I/O point control, the XGB series offers high-speed processing and system capability. With its powerful and various built-in functions, the XGB series can provide the optimum solution for your automation task.

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