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New drilling record set

Mpact Downhole Motors set a new Haynesville Shale Drilling record on August 28, 2011 using an Mpact Downhole Motor Model 475 5683. The field performance record was for the fastest lateral run ever recorded. The previous lateral drilling performance record was 85 feet per hour while the Mpact Downhole Motor achieved over 105 feet per hour, surpassing the previous record by nearly 24% and claiming the new performance record.

New proprietory drilling motor

Mpact Downhole Motors has introduced a new proprietary drilling motor model into their “Performance” line of products. Designated the model 775 7822 HTS, this drilling motor features Mpact’s 114 stator elastomer that has been field-proven to outperform NBR and HNBR elastomers, with extended life expectancy of over 4:1 and a significant increase in performance and reliability.